Precision CNC Machining, Milling, Turning & Swiss Screw Machining

AS9100 Rev D with ISO 9001:2015
ITAR Registered
 (435) 635-1482

Job Openings
  • Setup Machinists

    4 Day 10 Hour Shift:  1st Shift (6:30 AM to 5:30 PM) and 2nd Shift (6:30 PM to 5:30 AM)  

    Job Description:
    Setup, operate and maintain all assigned CNC machines, which includes retooling at the end of shift. Update and provide the needed information to support the Setup Module, Quality Module and View Module.

     - Able to accurately read and understand complex blue prints
     - Demonstrate the ability to setup and operate CNC machinery
     - Demonstrate the ability to read and write basic G code
     - Demonstrate the ability to hold tight tolerances +/-.0003
     - Ability to accurately measure parts using a wide range of equipment
     - Understand tooling and design and when and where to use specific tooling to meet print requirements
     - Ability to grind/ touch up basic stick tooling
     - Demonstrate the ability to quickly and accurately troubleshoot discrepant parts and make the needed   corrections to resolve the discrepancy.
     - Ability to work with other departments in a professional manor to resolve issues

    Competitive base pay plus medical benefits, 401k, paid time off and paid holidays. 

    Please email with your resume to apply for the position.

    We are always looking for talented reliable employees in all departments (CNC Machinists, CNC Programming, Customer Service, Information Technology (IT), Office, Quality Assurance, Shipping/Recieving, Tooling) so if you are interested in working at LV Swiss, please email your resume to

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  • Production Support

    Job Description:
    Position may entail the following and may vary from time to time: the cleaning of machined parts in a controlled environment, using an industry standard process of solvent and/or vapor degreaser. Other identified processes for the removal of burrs and improvement of finish may dictate common industry procedures such as bead blasting, tumbling, and pin spinning (work instructions to be provided). The tracking of production quantities may entail a manual piece count or weight count using a calibrated scale. There is also required some daily general housekeeping responsibilities, such as, waste water control, the cleaning of equipment and maintaining the cleanliness of floors and the surrounding areas at the shifts end.

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  • Quality Operator - CTQ

    Job Description:

    The position requires the monitoring of production machines, and the inspection and measurement of product as it is defined by the customer provided engineering prints. CTQ Operators (Critical to Quality) will be trained to read blueprints and to use precision measuring devices to measure parts at the machine in real-time, using established inspection methods. CTQ Operators will be required to validate and record defined part characteristics, as defined by the Quality Control system. In summary, CTQ Operators will receive extensive training in procedures, measurement devices, and systems that relate to the inspection process. Work instructions will be provided as a road map to ensure the inspection process is completed in a structured manner.

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